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About Our Roaster: Brett Struwe

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

In August 2019, my mom went in for a scheduled medication check-up. The doctor looked at her and admitted her on the spot. She appeared jaundiced. That evening, my sister called to tell me my mom had a mass on her pancreas. Within weeks she had multiple procedures, chemo and hospital stays. The more I researched Pancreatic Cancer, the more I realized the need for awareness and funding. I wanted to make a difference. I didn’t want to do just one event each year, but I wanted to do something that would bring awareness throughout the year and honor my mom. It came to me. My mom has enjoyed coffee her whole life. Growing up, we would walk to my Grandma’s every Saturday morning to enjoy a cup while watching morning shows. Sundays she would meet “the girls” for coffee and pie. During the week, she would head to the break room to catch up with coworkers over cups of coffee. My mom built her community and relationships over coffee. Creating Kathie’s Coffee to honor my mom, bring awareness, and raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer was the answer. In February 2020, I set up Kathie’s Coffee as a nonprofit organization to help raise awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer. I was very fortunate to be introduced to a local Minneapolis coffee roaster that was as passionate about his coffee as I was in honoring my mom and making a difference in Pancreatic Cancer. He spent many hours listening to my vision, asking questions to determine what kind of coffee my mom enjoyed, and creating a specific premium blend made just for our label. Over the months, I created a relationship with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). I was excited to team with them to create awareness and raise funds. The completed 12 ounce bag of Kathie’s Coffee will donate $3.00 for each bag purchased to PanCAN. I am grateful for everyone who gave their time and energy, provided me resources and introduced me to people who made Kathie’s Coffee become a reality. I am proud to share this amazing coffee with all of you. I hope that it helps build your community and relationships like coffee did for my mom.

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